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How to Install Arch Linux

guide, archlinux, linux May 29, 2019 29 min
I’ve been distro hopping from a while and decided to use Arch Linux as my daily driver because I like building my OS from the ground up. Besides having a small footprint, it gives me full control of what I only want to install. No more unnecessary services running in the background. Since it is a rolling release, it means that I don’t need to do system upgrade in the future. ...

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Cisco SVG Icons

cisco, icons, svg, Apr 29, 2019

So you are here because you are looking for Cisco icons? You don’t want pixelated images? You want responsive icons? Like me, I want to use SVG for quality and smaller file size. I create my diagrams using

To start using this icons, just download this xml file (right-click then “save link as…”) then import to scratchpad: That’s it. You can download the file here. Enjoy! You can check the SVG icons below.


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Hello World

Apr 23, 2019
Hello! I just migrated to Hugo I’ll continue working on this site soon. I’ve got too much on my plate right now. I’ll work on this soon. Thanks for visiting! Please come back next time. Cheers! 😃